Pastor John Pappas was born and raised in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania.  After a tour in the military, he pursued a career in the automotive industry.  He became a follower of Christ in 1982 and began serving in ministries within his local church.  In 2000 he was asked to fill in for an interim speaker at Randle Cliff Community Church, and soon became our full-time pastor.  Pastor Pappas loves reaching out to hurting people, seeing God change “broken hearts and broken lives” into strong, purpose-filled people of God.



Our roots go back for close to a century, when Mrs. Mary Roberson began a Bible study in the area.  The group met on various peoples’ porches as they discussed God’s Word.  Later, Mary felt the need for a place to teach a children’s Sunday school.  Her vision became reality in 1924, when Col. A. E. Randle donated a piece of land to establish a community church.  Catholics and Protestants worked together, breaking ground and finishing the building within one week, that same year.  Randle Cliff Community Church has gone through many changes since the 1920s, but we remain dedicated to the study of God’s Word and serving our community.  We continue to welcome people of every denomination and from every background into our body.